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Array multiplication and algebra using arrays

Division / Sharing resource

Scaffold the teaching division / sharing: Use this template to teach sharing or division. For example if you were just starting out with 15 ÷ 3 = 5, your student has 15 counters to share between 3 people so would start going down the 1 for each group (3 counters) then check if they could go again with the 2, yes! and again, and again and again –  a total of 5 times.

I have also made a short 5 min clip to show how it works!

This scaffolds the structure of short division with the 3| on the outside of the vertical line, the |15 on the inside and the answer above.

sharing-is-caring sharing-is-caring

Ken Ken

Here is a great puzzle link These puzzles are a Sudoku type with a twist instead of just making sure the numbers from 1-9 are in each column or row, these must add, subtract, divide or multiply to specific (given) numbers. Teachers can sign up for a free email every 2 weeks and recieve the puzzles (and answers  ) ready to go!

Happy Ken Ken-ing, C