If you need protractors for your students, here’s an unbreakable option – protractors printed on a clear background  and laminated. Available in 2 sizes: 6 per A4 sheet or A3.  A3 protractor supplied with 4 magnets.

Use larger protractor with groups (for example 2 students make an angle, on the floor, with a piece of string and the third person measures) or use supplied magnets to use on your whiteboard.

A4 Sheet of 6 protractors 180 deg A3 Protractor clear

A4 4 Sheets of 6 protractors $25 + p&h,                                    A3 single sheet $5 + p&h

Total of 24 protractors


Metric Pattern Blocks – use to teach shape names, counting (eg 3, 6, 9 or 4, 8, 12), fractions, angles and algebra.

Looking at the rhombus, trapezium and hexagon pattern below:

What would pattern piece 12 be? What about piece 14? What about piece 15? What is the rule linking pattern number and piece for each of the shapes?)

Set of 8 shapes (15 of each shape) = 120 pieces @ $16 per set + p&h.

Pattern Blocks small

Your child’s name as a ten-frame of beads

Create your own name with beads, blanks used to make a total of ten beads. Use as a fundraiser for your kindergarten, child care centre or school.

As each string of beads is a name, children know who the beads belong to and being threaded on a string, the beads don’t scatter everywhere if dropped. Promotes fine motor skills, learning to count and spell at the same time.

The beads are threaded so that when hanging, the beads do not slip back to the end allowing all the ways 10 can be made to be seen – 5 twos, 2 fives, eight + two, etc.

Christine 10Christine 5 twosChristine 2 fivesChristine eight and two

Flyer and order form: Maths Heroes order form beads 6mm beads

MTB – Multiplicative Thinking Blocks, Student and Teacher sets

Designed in Melbourne these blocks are to make teaching multiplication and division easy.

Based on A3 size, the Teacher’s Set is magnetic to use on a whiteboard. Each set has 100 pieces 1×1 up to 10×10.

MAV conference special price $60 + freight

Based on A4 size, the Student Set is  laminate/acrylic which has both sides printed, for example on one side is 5 sixes and the other is 6 fives. Each set contains 101 pieces, every times table from 1×1 to 10×10 + an extra 10×10.

MAV conference special price $55 + freight

Number Sliders:

If you would like to order a set of 10 number sliders, please contact me via email: or use the Buy Now button below.

Sliders are A$45 per set of 10, free postage within Australia.

Decimal Pipes:

If you would like to order a set of decimal pipes, please contact Ernie Sharman at

Decimal pipes are A$60 per set, plus postage.

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