Maths made simple

How important is it for our Be Feel successful at maths.pngstudents to learn their times tables? How much do students struggle if they don’t?

Is there a difference between rote learning and understanding?

Do visual representations help learners?

To be successful at maths you need to feel that you are able to have a go. It’s a cycle.

Do you wonder if it is possible to teach concepts like multiplication beyond the rote learning way?
It was for me so I came up with a solution. I have seen student’s attitudes and understanding turn around using a few simple ideas.
So now I would like to share it at a location near you.
I will come to your school to deliver a day workshop and let you experience an exciting, new and successful way of teaching maths. I will show you how you can engage the whole brain in a visual and tactile way, making learning concepts such as multiplication easy and how this then links in to decimals and algebra.
This workshop is suitable for everyone who teaches maths – Primary and Secondary teachers, aides, coaches, etc. Each workshop is limited to 25 people and is $1000 for the day plus travelling costs.
I will bring all the training materials required for the day.
A certificate of participation for VIT will be provided for your attendance at the workshop.
Every student deserves to be a hero in their maths classroom and every teacher deserves to feel confident and heroic too!
So come along and become a hero in your classroom.
I look forward to empowering your maths teaching at a workshop soon, please email me for further details.


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