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Everyone can become a maths hero and learn to master mathematics.

Thinking mathematically is about more than being able to do maths. It promotes higher-order thinking, enabling learners to connect with big ideas in maths.
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Growing maths minds with Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™

Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ help students understand mathematics and learn multiplication by heart. They also make addition, subtraction, division, percentages, algebra and fractions easier to learn.
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Everyone can learn maths

Maths Heroes understands that learning preferences vary, so our innovative methods for teaching mathematics focus less on rote memorisation and more on fostering understanding through our visual maths resources.

We have designed interactive teaching aids, such as our Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, that help children understand numeracy and demystify mathematical concepts, empowering learners to navigate complex numerical problems easily.
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Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ are designed to help learners make maths their superpower for solving real-world problems.
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Creating the next generation of maths minds

Developing numeracy skills in children lays the groundwork for their learning and life skills. It helps them with everyday problem-solving and money management by familiarising them with numbers, shapes, numerical patterns, graphs and tables, time, and measurement.

Who can use Maths Heroes?


Maths Heroes is made by teachers for teachers to use in class. With helpful resources like Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, number sliders and professional development workshops and training videos, you will be well-prepared to confidently answer your students' "why" and "what" maths questions and enjoy watching your students engage with big maths ideas. Whether you teach primary or high school maths, everyone can learn to love maths.
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If your child gets frustrated or upset when they study maths, Maths Heroes could help them understand counting strategies through 3D learning. Previously, numeracy relied heavily on memorisation, but students don't need to learn multiplication by heart if they understand the relationships between numbers. Maths Heroes resources can support your child's mathematical learning through games, visual maths resources and investigations.
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Whether you're learning multiplication, division or algebra, maths can be a challenging subject. We understand that you want to learn maths easily without having to memorise numerical rules, formulas and the times tables chart. Thinking mathematically is an essential life skill, but many students struggle to connect with the big ideas in numbers. Maths Heroes can teach you to use mathematical concepts and strategies to enhance your problem-solving mindset and mathematical proficiency.
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Better is a journey, not a destination.

About Maths Heroes

Christine Lenghaus, a passionate maths addict and world-class mathematics educator, founded Maths Heroes in 2015. As a teacher, Christine witnessed student's difficulty in solving simple numerical problems. She discovered that the issue started with inadequate mathematical proficiency at a primary level, often holding students back in high school maths. Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ were born from this challenge.

Her motto is 'everyone can learn maths', and she has designed visual, interactive maths resources, including her trademarked Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, to fill a gap in modern teaching aids for maths. Her resources help students understand the big ideas in numbers and develop higher-order thinking for deep learning. "All the materials I have created have been successfully tested in my classroom on students of all ages".
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Christine's Story
Christine Lenghaus, maths teacher and owner of Maths Heroes.
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Maths Heroes Products

We offer a range of resources and training to support students, their teachers, and parents in their maths learning journey. Our materials and teaching aids include interactive games and visual tools that help teach numeracy and make complex maths concepts easier to understand.
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What people are saying about Maths Heroes?

We are immensely proud to be a finalist in 2023 Rosenthal Prize for Innovation and Inspiration in Math Teaching from the Museum of Mathematics in New York.
  • I have used Maths Heroes Multiplicative Thinking Blocks in my grade 3 & 4 classroom for the past two years. They are great for introducing times tables, giving students a mental picture of distinguishing multiplication from addition. I also use them for teacher modelling and individual work with maths materials like counters. Students need to build and use models of number facts before they can be expected to memorise them or use them in problem-solving. I will only teach multiplication with Maths Heroes Multiplicative Thinking Blocks as they are as essential to teaching multiplication as MAB is to teach place value.
    Michelle, Teacher
  • Thank you so much for all your help teaching my child maths. She achieved two B grades in her last maths exam and is so proud of herself. She worked hard to achieve this, but with your support and outstanding teaching methods, she has grown in confidence and mathematical skills - if it hadn't been for you, she would have thrown in the towel long ago.
    Melanie, Parent