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Maths resources for teachers

Maths Heroes empowers maths teachers to leverage modern teaching practices and foster an open learning environment
Maths resources should aim to transform a student's learning experience into an engaging and interactive journey that fosters a love for maths.
Students are encouraged to explore mathematical concepts in exciting ways by infusing fun and creativity into the curriculum. Maths Heroes’ resources, activities and games promote mental skills and mathematical thinking for real-world applications. We aim to help students grasp mathematical concepts and develop a deep and lasting interest in the subject.
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Maths Heroes' top teaching resources

Maths Heroes provides primary and secondary teachers and schools with maths resources that significantly enhance students' mathematical proficiency. Our innovative Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ simplify the presentation of complex mathematical concepts, making them accessible and engaging for students, leading to improved academic outcomes.

Products for maths teachers

Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™

Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ is Maths Heroes' answer to making multiplication and division easier to teach and learn. They teach students how to regroup and rename, which is critically important when understanding place value. Our blocks are also helpful in teaching addition, subtraction, division, percentages, algebra and fractions.
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Decipipes or Linear Algebra Blocks are a useful maths resource for teachers used in class to teach concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and rounding decimals. Learning to work with decimals is an important part of maths education as they are used where more precision is required than whole numbers can provide.
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Decipipes a fun mathematical material used by Maths Tutors to explain maths.

Other products for maths teachers

— Number sliders and expanders for place value
— Metric pattern blocks
— Ten frame beads (reken-rek)
— Protractors
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Professional Development

For Teachers
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Educators always search for new and improved ways to share their knowledge. Maths Heroes empowers maths teachers to leverage modern teaching practices and foster an open learning environment.

Teaching maths is a multifaceted endeavour that hinges on educators' content knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and students' individual needs. Being proficient in mathematics and deeply understanding the subject matter is essential for planning engaging and authentic learning experiences, crafting insightful questions, and addressing students' misconceptions.

Christine Lenghaus, the founder of Maths Heroes, offers bespoke professional development for teachers, from 1-hour sessions to full-day workshops, to help educators understand the mathematics they teach and how to use maths resources to teach effectively.

By actively engaging in professional development, maths teachers can refine their teaching techniques, incorporating maths resources like Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ to foster a school-wide culture of mathematical thinking.
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Teaching primary mathematics

Students must develop a flexible, replicable understanding of mathematics rather than relying on lucky guesses for the correct answers. However, many students need help grasping mathematical concepts. A lack of maths knowledge can hold students back as they progress from primary into secondary education, where much of the maths curriculum revolves around multiplication and division in concepts like percentages, ratios, and algebra.
Seven and Nine multiplicative thinking blocks by Maths Heroes.
By giving students a solid foundation in mathematics in primary school, they will find it easier to flourish and work efficiently and accurately in secondary education.
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Five principles of extraordinary maths teaching

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Ask compelling mathematical questions and don’t rush to give students the answer - give your students time to be challenged.
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Don’t be threatened by not knowing the answer. It only teaches your students that not knowing is not a failure.
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Create space for mathematical conversation and debate.
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Encourage your students to speak up without fearing being judged for being wrong.
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Maths isn’t about rules and formulas. It’s about playing and exploring, looking for clues and research. So be inventive and encourage students to play.
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A home or classroom full of maths resources such as Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, puzzles and games creates a space where mathematical thinking can flourish.

About Christine Lenghaus

Christine, the founder of Maths Heroes, embarked on her journey as an educator with a keen eye for students' struggles in tackling basic mathematical problems. Through her experience, she identified a recurring issue – a lack of basic mathematical skills and functional knowledge gaps that hinder students' progress in high school mathematics and beyond.

Christine's dedication to addressing gaps in maths resources available to teachers has been instrumental in shaping the mission of Maths Heroes and positively impacting the world of maths education.
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Christine Lenghaus, maths teacher and owner of Maths Heroes.

Using Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ in your classroom

Created by teachers, for teachers
They take up very little room in a classroom
Durable, tear-proof and water-resistant plastic
Designed to be used by children for years
Suitable for students of all ages
Gives students a visual material to scaffold learning
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What people have said about Maths Heroes

  • Excellent maths resources - highly recommended. I purchased the Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ to use with my higher maths group. They have done plenty of counting pattern work, but the blocks helped them draw relationships to ‘arrays’ and ‘split arrays’. The students loved the blocks and ‘got it’ straight away. For at least one child, I think it was the first time they had made an explicit link relating multiplication facts to arrays.
    Jen, Teacher
  • Thank you for running the professional development for teachers workshop and Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ showcase. I enjoyed the day and implemented your maths resources with my team this morning - we're all excited to use it when teaching maths.
    Genevieve, Teacher