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You don’t need a maths tutor... 
You need Maths Heroes!

Everyone can be a Maths Hero! Our mission is to reveal the joy of numeracy, making maths accessible and enjoyable for all.

As parents, we play a pivotal role as mentors and guides.

If your child struggles with maths in the classroom, you might have considered the costly option of hiring a maths tutor. Christine Lenghaus, a world-class mathematics educator, founded Maths Heroes to empower parents and teachers to make learning maths exciting and fulfilling.
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Maths at home for parents

Maths Heroes empowers parents to support their child to learn mathematics at home with fun, interactive and easy activities. With our online maths videos and products like Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, you'll discover a new way to help your child visualise mathematical patterns in multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and more.

Bolster your child's confidence in numbers

Mastering maths fluency hinges on understanding two key mathematical concepts: counting and patterns. These ideas serve as the cornerstone for all subsequent maths learning. The classroom approach to maths education often relies heavily on memorisation, which can be difficult for some children. With our Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, rote learning becomes almost obsolete by helping your child visualise the relationships between numbers.
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3D maths tutoring

Do. Draw. Dream
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Maths Heroes 3D's combine innovative teaching techniques and resources to help your child comprehend mathematics and cultivate advanced problem-solving skills. Our 3D learning gives your child tools to grasp fundamental connections between numbers, after which the rest of the mathematical knowledge falls into place. Maths learning can be fun, and your child can easily learn the times tables, addition, subtraction, division, percentages, algebra and even fractions.
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Four and Eight multiplicative thinking blocks by Maths Heroes.

Unlock your child's potential with Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™

Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ are a game-changer for parents looking to support their children's maths education at home. They teach multiplication effectively and enhance your child's understanding of other mathematical concepts, enabling them to tackle real-world problems confidently.
Make learning maths fun and engaging with Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™, and watch your child's math skills and confidence soar.
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Maths solutions for homeschooling

You don't need to be a qualified mathematician or a maths tutor to be able to teach your child maths at home. Parents can tutor their children as long as they have the right tools and a few tricks up their sleeves to keep their children engaged and feeling positive about the experience.
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Set a dedicated time and space for maths tutoring.
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Start with a maths warm-up game and ask maths questions that interest your child to help them engage.
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Make maths interactive and fun with Maths Heroes Multiplicative Thinking Blocks™ and Decipipes
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Use our online maths videos to help your child understand how they can use our products to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
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Reward and praise your child for their work instead of their results.
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Be patient.
Decipipes a fun mathematical material used by Maths Tutors to explain maths.

Learning Decimals

Decimals can be a tricky topic for children. Decipipes are fun mathematical materials that encourage play counting and teach maths concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and rounding with decimals. Decipipes are extremely useful in supporting your child’s understanding of decimals.
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Positive maths tutoring at home

You can be your child's maths tutor and foster resilient learning by emphasising their efforts rather than focusing solely on their grades. Encouraging your child to ask questions and learn from mistakes is a positive and valuable aspect of the learning process. Maths Heroes can alleviate any anxiety you may have around teaching maths by providing easy, informative and interactive home-based mathematical activities you can do together.

Designed by teachers

Christine Lenghaus is a leading mathematics educator with a deep understanding of children’s educational needs. Maths Heroes is tailor-made to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Do. Draw. Dream

Maths Heroes' interactive and hands-on teaching aids empowers parents and teachers with interactive tools designed to help children master numeracy and simplify complex maths through games, visuals, and engaging activities.

No teaching experience necessary

Maths Heroes guides parents and caregivers in becoming proficient maths instructors. Our tools and resources simplify complex maths concepts, making it easier to teach your children maths at home.

Master mathematics, not memorisation

We recognise the diverse ways in which children learn, and our approach to teaching mathematics prioritises comprehension over memorisation, giving children a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.
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Maths Heroes promotes higher-order thinking by doing maths with your head, not in your head.
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What people have said about Maths Heroes

  • I started maths tutoring with Maths Heroes in year 8 because I struggled to solve mathematical problems. I did not enjoy maths then because I didn’t understand it and failed the subject. Christine helped me understand complex maths like the Pythagorean Theorem, algebra and statistics. She also gave me tools to work out my timetables and division. What I love most about Maths Heroes is that I now understand maths concepts, which has increased my confidence and made me a better mathematician.
    Pia, Student
  • Christine taught my son, Sam, in his early secondary years. She became Sam’s greatest supporter, guiding him through many academic struggles and offering him understanding, kindness and patience. Christine is an outstanding educator - knowledgeable in her field, informed on children’s needs, open to students of all levels and, most importantly, establishes a caring relationship with all her students. I cannot recommend Christine highly enough.
    Sue, Parent